जिला आबकारियों की पदस्‍थापना के आदेश जारी

राज्‍य शासन के वाणिज्यिक कर विभाग ने 2 जिला आबकारियों की पदस्‍थापना के आदेश जारी किये हैं।

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    Thankfully, Modmatt did not limit his work only to the icons, but he went a step further and made sure that that his work would be noticed on other platforms as well. He included desktop, folder, trash and uninstall icons in several resolutions for all three platforms, so practically anyone with an extensive collection of the Blue Moongate named as amazing.
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  22. Getting started
    The application is released under the Apache v2 license. If you are interested in using the source code, you can get it from GitHub under this link

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